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Services Provided
Q. Do you repair equipment on premises?
A. Yes, we repair copiers, fax machines, computers, and printers right there in our stores.
Q. Do you pick up & deliver to my home or office?
A. Yes, with our friendly staff, we do in-home & in-office pick up & delivery.
Q. Do you stock toner?
A. Of course, call for specifics on your model to set up a pickup or delivery time.
Q. Do you repair screens on Phones & Tablets?
A. Yes we do! Give us a call with the model you would like replaced and we will gladly let you know if we have a replacement in stock.
Q. Do you offer remote services?
A. Yes, with our yearly remote access service we can access you computer remotely(provided there is internet access) and help you with a variety of problems, or let you know if something more serious needs to be done.